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Dire francis – African Time

African Time by Dire francis

Dear African time,
Why did you tell me all those things?
And made me believe I was doing the right thing,
Why did you tell me to go to school at nine,
When you heard the bell ring at seven?

Dear African time,
You’re not a good friend,
Didn’t you tell me that you know the game well?
You said I could still make it to the party at four,
When you read the invite saying it’s one.

Dear African time,
God will punish you ooooo,
You said that I should go to the lecture by nine,
That the lecturer won’t mind,
Now I missed an important test, all because of you.

Dear African time,
You see yourself, you no go ever make am for life,
You told me to relax, that the interview will still hold,
You told me that I can still be there on time,
Now see, I lost a good job even with my qualifications.

Dear African time,
I hope you’ve had your fill,
I hope you have completely ruined my life,
Thank you so much for telling me there’s still time to repent,
Shebi I don miss rapture, you happy,
God go punish you, shege.

© Dire Francis


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