Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Dire francis – BLOODY GIRL


I threw away mama’s words to the wind,
Salivating at the sight of Onku’s biscuit,
I squeezed my doll, resting it firmly on my back,
My begi-begi pulled me straight into Onku’s house.

I wasn’t worried when the door shut behind me,
My mind was on the biscuit which charmed me,
I didn’t mind the way he pulled off my pant,
Long throat was what took me there after all.

“Onku please it’s painful,” my innocent voice lost,
When he offered me his biscuit of pain wrapped in a cage,
Instead of the biscuit I craved sealed in its place,
Onku, please I am not a big girl as you say I am.

My doll played on the ground, watching my tears,
My immaculate gown now bore evidence of my disobedience,
As he cracked open my fragile innocence,
Leaving everlasting memories of pain.

Onku why did you push me away after,
You should have cuddled me and not send me into anguish
I didn’t tell anyone as you instructed, I don’t want to die,
Am I now the big girl you made me believe I am?

Onku, I left my doll in your house,
But I can’t go back there for fear of another biscuit,
Guard my doll, while I guard my life,
And take every biscuit away from me.

© ~Bloody girl~
By Dire Francis

Yeye blogger
Yeye bloggerhttps://naijahotstars.com/
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