Dire francis – GUILTY! AS CHARGED

Dire francis – GUILTY! AS CHARGED 

Riseeeee, the clerk yelled,
I was standing at the dock, handcuffed,
Guilt, remorse with a pinch of smile,
What a perfect blend of emotions,
Sweeping across my face as the judge took her seat.

Barrister one, on the side of the defendant,
Wearing his robe of legal mumbo-jumbo,
“Did you, on the 21st of May 2020, murder your wife, Mrs. Felicia?”
He stared dagger eyes at me, hoping the truth was in there,
The blinking of my eyes hid nothing, “yes I did.”

The noise was killing, people judging me in murmuring,
“Mr. Benjamin John, can you tell this honorable court, why you killed your wife?”
God, I looked to the heavens, to the judge, then the audience,
Tears flowed, escaping the place that once caged them,
Tears that smelt guilty, and spelled I did it.

I fell down in tears like a defeated man,
Feliciaaaaaaaaaa! Why? Where did I go wrong?
Did I do wrong by giving you all my love?
Was my love not enough? Eh, Felicia, answer me,
Did my best friend satisfy you enough? Did he?
Was my money not enough for you? You could have asked.

Did you know how I felt when I discovered the children aren’t mine?
The two cuties, none was my blood,
I bet you won’t know, because you haven’t been cheated on before,
Is that why you gave me those drugs,
And made me believe I was suffering from a terrible illness?

You left me for France,
When you were sure I had only two hours to live,
What happened to your sense of motherhood,
Abandoning your kids at the orphanage,
Just to run away with your lover.

Felicia, you disgust me,
Did you want me to die that quick that you put on the gas?
I coughed so loud, Felicia, but you didn’t come,
The house was on fire, yet you didn’t save me,
You were in your hotel room with Patrick,
Screaming his name as he pumped your fat ass.

Don’t ask me how I was saved, please don’t,
Because if I had died, you wouldn’t be calling me guilty,
So yes, I’m guilty, guilty as charged,
Guilty for loving so much to be hurt in return,
Guilty of loving so much that I didn’t care the children aren’t mine.

Hit it Judge, hit it and let me die by hanging,
Wait, the doctor said I don’t have much time left,
The medicine has damaged my vital organs,
“You’re hereby, guilty as charged” I heard her say,
I walked away, no regrets, no contrition for my sins.

© Dire Francis


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