Dire francis – KIKELOMO

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Dire francis – KIKELOMO

Dear Kikelomo, I am sorry I failed you,
You left me a part of you I could never replace,
A shattering piece of your fragile heart,
You pegged me with your love divine,
And for some moments I could only hope.

Dear Kikelomo, I am sorry I failed you,
We were young and in love,
We were one yet far apart,
Sailing our world of no divorce,
Purely intent on being each other’s bridge.

Dear Kikelomo, I am a brat and I admit it,
I thought of you while working under the heavens,
I remembered you when I walk the beach,
Touching the waters to feel your heartbeat,
Yet no pulse, no beep, I was scared.

Dear Kikelomo, days without you was hell,
As the days rolled into months,
And sad months gradually became years,
Your smiling face was my recompense,
With your face light up so bright like a shine.

Dear Kikelomo, Sorry I left, sorry I didn’t keep to my promises,
I wasn’t in control anymore, I couldn’t dictate the cause of time,
Leaving, without your kiss was my bad luck then,
And images of you standing, waiting by the tree,
Wasn’t far from my thoughts as I departed.

Dear Kikelomo, I shouted your name a million times,
Hoping that by luck you could safeguard me,
Maybe, just maybe, you could appear and stop them,
But I was whisked away into a van,
Accused and condemned for a crime, not mine.

Dear Kikelomo, the prison guards beat me so hard,
Death was before me but likewise you,
I bore the pain, smiling like a hero all the time,
Even their bullying was nothing to me
If I only thought of you at all times.

Dear Kikelomo, I counted the years go by,
I told pastor James to pray for me
To return into your arms once again,
I wasn’t left out in Alfa’s prayers, as he bowed to the earth in prayer,
But I kept counting, crossing the tallies till thirty.

Dear Kikelomo, oh why, Kike my love,
Hearing of your demise was a bombshell,
Those small kisses which were meant for you,
Have been hijacked by your grandchildren,
Your flower, I’ll always keep, till the day I’m connected with you again in death,
Your only love, Kayode.

© Dire Francis


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