DJ OP Dot – Best Of Asake Vs AjeSings & Seyi Vibez Mixtape

Download DJ OP Dot – Best Of Asake Vs AjeSings & Seyi Vibez Mixtape (Latest 2023 Dj Mixtape)

In this session of Naija Latest 2023 Mixtape, you will be checking out a fascinating new mixtape titled DJ OP Dot – Best Of Asake Vs AjeSings & Seyi Vibez Mixtape.

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DJ OP Dot presents an electrifying blend of talent and musical prowess in his exceptional mix titled “Best Of Asake Vs AjeSings & Seyi Vibez.” This carefully curated compilation showcases the best tracks from three remarkable Nigerian artists, Asake, AjeSings, and Seyi Vibez.

Asake, known for his unique vocal style and infectious energy, has garnered a devoted fan base with hits like “Mr Money” and recently “2:30.” His ability to fuse afrobeat, hip-hop, and contemporary sounds sets him apart as an artist to watch.

AjeSings, on the other hand, captivates listeners with his soulful melodies and thought-provoking lyrics. His tracks such as “Biggest Love” and “Pariwo” effortlessly convey raw emotions and evoke deep connections with his audience.

Seyi Vibez, a rising star in the Nigerian music scene, has gained recognition for a similar pattern of Asake. His tracks like “Chance” and “Hat Trick” resonate with listeners and showcase his impressive vocal range and storytelling ability.

Whether you’re a fan of infectious afrobeat rhythms, soul-stirring melodies, or introspective lyrics, DJ OP Dot’s mix is sure to satisfy your musical cravings. It serves as a testament to the incredible talent and versatility of Asake, AjeSings, and Seyi Vibez, leaving listeners wanting more.

Track Lists for DJ OP Dot – Best Of Asake Vs AjeSings & Seyi Vibez Mixtape

1. Intro – DJ OP Dot
2. Asake – Olorun
3. Seyi Vibez – Kingdom
4. Ajesings – Hommie
5. Asake – Nzaza
6. Seyi Vibez – 90s
7. Ajesings – Try
8. Asake – Ototo
9. Seyi Vibez – Omo Ologo
10. Ajesings – Highest
11. Asake – Bandana
12. Seyi Vibez – BD Baby
13. Ajesings – Fri high Day
14. Seyi Vibez – Dijavu
15. Ajesings – KpA
16. Seyi Vibez – Bang Of America
17. Asake – Sungba
18. Asake Ft Seyi Vibez & Ajesings – Holy Oil
19. Asake – Amapiano
20. Seyi Vibez – +234
21. Asake – Organise
22. Ajesings – Billing
23. Asake – What’s up G
24. Seyi Vibez – Para Boi
25. Asake – I Believe
26. Seyi Vibez – Bullion Van
27. Ajesings – My God
28. Seyi Vibez Ft Asake & Ajesings – Money
29. Asake – Sunshine
30. Seyi Vibez – Chance
31. Ajesings – Dada Di
32. Seyi Vibez – Psalm 23
33. Ajesings – Sapa Bear Mercy
34. Seyi Vibez – Hat Trick
35. Ajesings – My Lover
36. Seyi Vibez – Let There Be Light
37. Asake – Basquiat
38. Ajesings – Airoplane
39. Asake – Terminator
40. Ajesings – No Stress
41. Seyi Vibez – Alaska
42. Asake – 2:30
43. Ajesings – E Major
44. Asake – Joha
45. Ajesings – Cruise
46. Ajesings – My Ex
47. Asake – Omo Ope
48. Ajesings – Originality
49. Seyi Vibez – Fuji Interlude
50. Outro – DJ OP Dot I Love Youuuuu

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