DUREX (18+) – Membis Okorie Chukwukamma

DUREX (18+) - Membis Okorie Chukwukamma

DUREX (18+) – Membis Okorie Chukwukamma

I know you are a pretty perfect lady
But you look better when you’re naked
Hot like cupcake that just got baked
So I’m about to eat you up as in birthday

Take it all off darling, don’t be shy
I’ve only got plans to make you fly far sky
Cause I’m high like I’ve been sipping wine
Staring at such a beauty from cloud nine

I never knew this bright day would come
Fell in love with a queen to meet an angel
Peddle, let’s ride till we are on the way
Yes, we’ve got for us this very special day

I will teach you every crazy move, you novice
Give you more than your body can receive
With your nipple in my mouth, confessing
Make you shower, stammer, breath-gasping

Body-calling-darling with poetic whispers
I read your mind and it blows my mind
You want this candy but scared to show
I know cause your hands aren’t at a place
Moving down the pole like an electrician
High tension, we might just spark tonight
Igniting genitals and caressing one another

(First Aid Box, someone’s daughter could bleed
I burst her head with passion, erotic desire
These are woods not words, I’m setting up fire
Embers to make her remember this day ‘ever)

Come right here let me kiss your lips into red
Come right here, let’s act this movie on bed
Hold me, learn to keep your pitch low enough
While we talk dirty like cleaners making love.
© Gurld


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