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I say one day go be one day my brother

I say one day go be one day my sister

I say one day go be one day my papa

I say one day go be one day my mama

Those lyrics keep ringing though my subconscious mind, It keeps reminding me that, there’s one day for everything, a day one would never forget, a day set aside for rewards, a day where we reap all we sow.

Generally It might be your birthday, wedding day, graduation day, coronation day, a child’s dedication day, etc it could be any of this wonderful day. But it’s very necessary that these days occurs in our lives.

Ebinizzy – One Day is very emotional song, that passes a message about that one day, we’ve all been hoping and praying for, with handwork and dedication and yes of course some prayers to back it up, do whatever you can and just believe in God, that day would surely come to pass.

We all pray for that day when we’ll get to our destination, one day when sad days becomes a joyous one, a day when bad things change for the better, one day we’ll get to where our competitors are, one day we’ll surely surpass them, one day your haters would bow down to greet you.

One Day by Ebinizzy is filled with great inspiration, Never relent, just keep doing what you’re doing, one day you’re gonna get what you wish for, so long as you put your trust in God.

Are you ready to meet up your anticipation, if No go back and read from the top lol!!!, if yes then, You should definitely crank up the volume just a little bit higher get ready to download and listen to this latest song titled Ebinizzy – One Day from your #1. Hottest Entertainment and lifestyle website www.naijahotstars.com

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