[EP] Pheelz – “Hear Me Out” The EP

Pheelz – “Hear Me Out” The EP

Pheelz’s widely awaited producer EP, Hear Me Out Mr. Maker has finally been revealed!!!

Pheelz aka Ridimahkool has posted a new EP titled “Hear Me Out” today, February 19, 2021.

Pheelz, a talented Afrobeats rapper, shows off his musical talents on his debut EP as he prepares to share what he has been working on with the world.

The album, which is an extended play, shows off his versatility as a songwriter, guitarist, composer, and music producer.

Pheelz’s first attempt at a musical project as a musician, Hear Me Out, is well worth a listen.

The 5-track EP features new melodies that compliment the musical maestro’s lively instrumentals.

See Tracklist below

Pheelz – Hear Me Out The EP tracklist

He describes falling in love with an independent woman who lives a life of adventure while manipulating men for money and sex in “Wayward Girl.”

The EP’s lead track, “Wayward Girl,” was released alongside a music video directed by Ibidunni Oladayo.

Pheelz performs the song while on a late-night drive with a girl in the video.

Pheelz declares his intention to become a well-known figure and to live life to the fullest on Somebody. As he bounces on the beat with braggadocio, the drums seem to be very animated.

As a singer and producer, LAVIDA demonstrates his versatility. The song comes to life due to the imaginative use of the trumpet.

’One Life’, On this record, Pheelz encourages the listeners to live life to its fullest. The track is a clichè often said to encourage people who are feeling down, a bit depressed, lonely or self-pitying. The energy behind the record is we should live our life happily, that we should never have any regrets, that life should not have any bounds.

‘Just One Life,’ Pheelz urges listeners to live life to the fullest on this track. The song is a cliche that is often used to inspire people who are down, sad, lonely, or self-pitying.

The record’s energy is that we should live our lives peacefully, that we should have no regrets, and that life should have no boundaries.


This is the EP’s first single. Matching the beat’s energy, Pheelz delivered a groovy, sing-along collection that demonstrates not only his talents as a producer, but also as a singer/songwriter.

With the last track, “Many Guys,” Pheelz demonstrates his versatility through rhythm and instrumentation.

Listen to and appreciate the following body of work.



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