Flourish Joshua – Anything Under Skirt


Anything Under Skirt

This is a short piece
Like a lady’s miniskirt —
Short enough to pass the message,
Long enough to cover the subject matter:

When the brain cannot colonize the mind
To speak the language of self-control,
Miss Place will be misplaced
Like misplaced priorities.

He sees anything under skirt,
His brain travels from head to foot
And the man in his hood begins
To seek direction.

He seeks ‘Anything Under Skirt’
Not minding if the road under skirt leads to a dead end.
Is her skimpy dress a pill?
Why should you use it to cure your weakness?

You say she isn’t covering herself well,
What is your definition of ‘covering’?
So long as an essay is detailed,
It won’t matter if it is concise.

Should you not give your pea-brain
A second and third service, perhaps, fourth,
Rather than seeking anything
Under skirt?

Albeit, young lady, if eating meat
Will make your brother steal meat,
You either not eat it in his presence
Or avoid eating it.

Flourish Joshua


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