Flourish Joshua – CHILDHOOD DAYS

Flourish Joshua – CHILDHOOD DAYS


We rode tires tirelessly
and built sand houses.
We’d often cry over spilled pap profusely.
With mini pot belly, Leaving it to dry around our noses.

‘Hide and seek’ was the fav’ play
often observed after our garri supper.
‘Police and theif’ was our fav’ job to lay
‘nd talkin’ things alien ‘o morals was the rudder.

I remember. Alphabeta kids enjoyed paper-made footballs.
‘nder the illumination of moonli’ht at dusk;
For they will enjoy it till night falls.
‘Ojuju’ was w’at mom scar’d us with, like a mask.

We’d prefer two five Naira to one hundred Naira note.
Thinking it is quantity not quality.
And we’d say proudly like a vote;
“see.. I have two money.” Ignomity!

We tore our books to make paper boats
We never paddled nor sailed.
Paper boats that floats
Today and sinks tomor’o’. Wasted!

Childhood days, oh childhood days!
We bathed in ignorance and supped with eerie plays.

Flourish Joshua



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