Flourish Joshua – Men Don’t Cry!

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Flourish Joshua - Men Don't Cry

I see men try to hide
The man in their hood and
Pull out of their emotions
Like ‘semen and the hole story’.

‘Men don’t cry!’ —
A type of stereotype that is.
A branded brand to brand men
And categorize the category of the male gender
Into a mare nightmare overnight.

Let me ask you…
How does one ‘become a man’ ?
Or what has hard heartedness
Gotten to do with gender?

‘Men don’t cry!’ —
An eyesore and a saw
To slice off the eyes of men.

If he cries, he is tagged,
‘A weakling’ — too weak to lean
On the lively hoods of ‘a man’.

We all are of different personalities…
‘A’ should not rob ‘B’ of his peculiarities,
O men of little fate,
If ye must cry, cry! But shred off your pain!

Flourish Joshua 🇳🇬
Sam Wanjala 🇰🇪

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