Hally Bright – Peace

HALLY-BRIGHT Releases Soulful RnB Single “Peace”

“Peace” by HALLY-BRIGHT is a Song That’ll Make You Want to Hug Your Neighbor (But Please Don’t Because of Personal Space Matters)

Nigerian singer-songwriter Jimoh Aliyu, better known by his stage name HALLY-BRIGHT, releases his latest single “Peace”, a heartfelt soul music masterpiece that resonates with the longing for harmony and togetherness.

The song’s message is simple yet powerful: we all deserve peace, and we need it to grow and thrive as a community. And honestly, who needs the UN when you have HALLY-BRIGHT’s soulful voice?

“Peace” is an inspirational RnB ballad that showcases HALLY-BRIGHT’s soothing vocals and poignant lyrics. The song’s standout lines, “I want you once again / I need you once again / Don’t wanna leave you to stay far away / Cause I’m tired of living lonely,” capture the yearning for human connection and the desire to bridge the gaps that divide us.

The song’s core message, “What we need is peace / We all both deserve peace / For community to grow,” serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of unity and understanding in our society. HALLY-BRIGHT’s soulful delivery and the song’s haunting melody make “Peace” a compelling listen that will resonate with fans of artists like John Legend and Sam Smith.

With “Peace”, HALLY-BRIGHT aims to inspire listeners to embrace love, forgiveness, and understanding. The song is a testament to the transformative power of music and its ability to bring people together in the face of adversity. You’ll be tempted to call your ex and beg for forgiveness lol

Get ready to vibe out with HALLY-BRIGHT’s latest release, “Peace”! This Nigerian singer-songwriter is serving up some serious soul with his new single, and we can’t get enough.

So go ahead, give “Peace” a listen, and let HALLY-BRIGHT’s soulful voice make you laugh, cry, and maybe even hug a stranger (just kidding, please don’t do that).

Stream “Peace” now and experience the soul-stirring sound of HALLY-BRIGHT

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