Here are Top 7 Tools to Learn How To Build Apps without Coding

Coding runs the world, its programs, machines, apps, devices, and everything affiliated with technology. It is an important medium for programming just about anything. Not just this, it is also a crucial job.

But can the world go about it when a large number of people remain unaware of the whereabouts of it? Most importantly, can apps be created without coding? This article looks at some important tools that will show you how to create an app without coding.

Top 7 Tools That Will Help You Build Apps Without Coding

Not everyone in this world is tech-savvy. However, it does not require highly advanced coding skills to develop apps. With the help of some tools, you can now build custom apps however you want. Here are 7 top tools that help you do the same.

1. Bubble

Need help with the intricacies of coding? Hire Bubble.io developers to do your job for you and expect only the best results. Not just apps, Bubble creates for you every digital product that you need without you having to put in a lot of technological effort.

Bubbleis adept at API, change management, customizable branding, configurable workflow, customizable fields, and so much more. Bubble lets you develop your ideal app in the process of creating a prototype, launching, iterating, and scaling.

2. Makerpad

Makerpad is the hub for creating everything. Basic websites, automation, marketplaces, e-commerce, and several more are the various options for creating something without using code. It is good to see you have options for more than just apps.

Makerpad streamlines everything from the start to the end of your app design journey. It is equipped with every tool you will need. Browse through blog tutorials and get your best app made faster than ever.

3. Airtable

Airtable is equipped with advanced AI automation and streamlining that help you make apps that use little to no code on your end. It has a competitive edge with its speed and agility in developing apps.

Bring forward your work base and develop a fully functioning product with the help of powerful automation and visual impact right on the platform itself. Airtable makes everything easier with an intuitive design that you will find much better to navigate through.

4. Webflow

Webflow is primarily a website builder that works on the same no-code formula, letting users make their website without getting too much into the technicalities.

Make use of JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and much more without typing anything out yourself. Webflow employs full CMS to help you design apps and every technical blueprint from scratch without typing in codes for hours.

5. Thunkable

Thunkable is home to millions of ideas that have been turned into successfully running apps. Make use of a drag-and-drop feature to design your dream app or any digital product.

Thunkable uses advanced logic to help you in every step of your journey. There are so many designs and well-developed publishing, too; there should be no second thoughts.

6. Coda

Coda gives each app developer the essential building blocks that speed up the process of making apps that do not take a lot of effort.

It works in the form of a doc that is accessible to you and your team for better working. Make teamwork more productive with impressive customizations and designs. Just add your teammates and start brainstorming on what your product shall look like.

7. Glide

Let AI do its job while you sit back and remain assured when you use Glide to create wonderful custom apps. Simple clicks act as powerful commands to create your rough draft for the desired product.

Glide reduces the estimated time of development, with a well-working app ready in just over 2 hours. It is also integrated with apps like Discord, Google Calendar, Zapier, and many more to give you a seamless developing experience.


For those who are not as tech savvy but are still entering the arena of digital products like apps, the above-mentioned tools come like saviors. You save a lot of time and effort by using these.


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