How to Earn Free Cryptocurrency by Playing Games [Top 5 Crypto Games for 2022]

Crypto games are the hottest trend this year, as they allow you to spend your time pleasantly while enjoying some digital earnings.

These earn-as-you-play games were meant to introduce people to cryptocurrency, allowing them to win and exchange and probably make some profit. If you are interested in crypto games, here are some very popular ones that have taken over the crypto world.

See The Top 5 Crypto Games for 2022

1. Tamadoge

Do you still recall the “doge” craze that swept the Internet a few years ago? So they turned it into a crypto game. In this game, you can mint your own NFT and raise it to adulthood by first making it a puppy.

Each doge will have unique skills and resources that it can employ in a fight. You will receive extra TAMA coin awards as you move up the leaderboard. The coin may increase in value as the game gains momentum and popularity.

2. Police & Thief

There is more to the story than what the game’s name suggests. People were searching for new highly rewarding high-action games when Blockchain and NFT-based technology was being prohibited on Steam; as a result, Police & Thief was created.

You must mint LOOT tokens from the market in order to advance in this game. The odds of you being the police are 10%, and the odds of you being a thief are 90%, as long as you continue to mint. Depending on how the game develops and how well you perform your responsibilities, you can receive cryptocurrency incentives.

3. CryptoPop

Played any Candy Crush before? You’ll probably adore Crypto Pop in that situation. The only distinction between them is that you match bitcoin logos rather than jelly and jewels.

Your rewards will either be in PopCoin or Ethereum thanks to CryptoPop’s connection to an Ethereum staking platform. There are no NFTs to worry about, which may be advantageous if you don’t want to mess with secondary markets.

4. Axie Infinity

Due to its popularity, Axie Infinity is the kind of game that you are most likely to find in a gaming café. Your task in this Pokemon-inspired game is to locate, breed, and then nurture Axies.

Axies are NFT creatures that you may buy and sell at the marketplace, the battles and trades earning you Smooth Love Potion (SLP). This crypto is mainly used for paying within the game, but should you want to, you may also sell it in an exchange.

5. Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity has not yet been released, but it will reportedly be listed on most exchanges “very soon”; when it does, you will have a new exciting game to play with.

You can engage in competitions and matches, earn rewards, and build your cryptocurrency holdings in what is also known as the Multiverse of Metaverse.

In Conclusion

Cryptocurrency and investing are more enjoyable than ever. Considering that the Blockchain ecosystem is here to stay, you might as well start laying the groundwork for your own future. These options may be an excellent place for you to start if you enjoy playing video games.


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