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How to Get Unconditionally Unlimited Data Plans via Wifi.com.ng

Most people think of unlimited data as the ability to use their internet devices without restriction, but no network in Nigeria gives unlimited data in its true sense. If you are a heavy user, you will discover that the ‘unlimited’ has a limit.

Most of the unlimited data plans provided by Nigeria telecoms come with a caveat – once you reach a set amount of data consumption for the month, you may be throttled (your connection reduced to slower speeds) during peak times of mobile traffic. This means the so-called unlimited data plans are not truly unlimited.

This is why Tizeti is offering the unconditionally unlimited data bundle. This will aid you to stay away from checking data balance after every activity.

For those who don’t know Tizeti Network Limited, provides high-speed broadband internet to Residences, businesses, Events, Conferences and deploys public Wi-fi Hotspot at locations across Africa. Tezeti provides affordable and unlimited data plans using Wi-Fi technology through wifi.com.ng to heavy internet users residing in Lagos State, Nigeria. Yeah, wifi.com.ng is currently available in Lagos alone.

Pricing on the network in Nigeria starts from N9,500 and it’s valid for 30 days, without any data cap or limit. You can browse as you like, download and stream as you wish.

You also have access to over 2000+ channels. In addition, you can also take advantage of the availability of its US IP Address Over Wifi service. What this means is that you can access the internet anonymously via the US IP address.

Any device that is connected to the WiFi router will obtain a US IP Address automatically. Without further sayings, let’s go straight to the point.

How to Activate Wifi.com.ng Data Plans
Wifi.com.ng has two ways of using the service. You can install your own home router or use their hotspot service, which allows you to connect to nearby routers for a cheap subscription fee for as low as N200 per day.

To set up and install your own Router will cost you a one-time fee of N35,500 which takes at least an hour to set up.
Data Price Validity
Unlimited N9,500 30 Days
Unlimited N57,000 6 Months
Unlimited N114,000 1 year

You can sign up for an account to get started @ https://wifi.com.ng/newuser/#/sign-up

If you reside in Lagos and you are a heavy internet user who needs unconditionally unlimited data plan with high speed, then give wifi.com.ng a try. Use this link to See locations provided by Tizeti unlimited Wi-fi internet: https://wifi.com.ng/unlimited-internet/

Please share your experience via the comment box if you are using their service.

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