Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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Inufin Ayomide – I Don’t Have Time (Poetry)


I’m not a busybody but my body is always busy,

To squeeze out time from my time has become uneasy,

Activities got me writing out my schedules like Thesis,

My work and I, the chemistry of our biology is metaphysics.


How well can I fix this?

I’m dead busy and this might put me down six feet,

I’m too busy to be busy selling crap,

Always putting on a busy attitude and a thinking cap.

I was occupied. I am preoccupied,

Busyness is my business, laziness is a parasite,

My work my passion, my passion is prerequisite,

My workload so loaded that it’ll kill every workforce on sight.


This is who I am, I am Busy

And if you think I have all the time, the clocks are all leases

I wish I could buy time but there’s no airtime for this kind of time,

I don’t have time, it’s high time you took time to understand this at this time…



Inufin Ayomide D’great