Ayomide Inufin D’great – In This World of Ours

IN THIS WORLD OF OURS – Ayomide Inufin D’great

I have a tale to tell,
Of a head who’s running mad; running to hell,
Of a great rise that fell,
A pride that lost its pearl.
This is the tale of a residency,
Who lost how to sane his territory
like a failed presidency,
But the loss came without shame,
There’s drought in the land, the beautiful reign,
She’s a beautiful slave trapped in a gullible chain,
To him, it is destiny the blissful bane.
The society of insanity, a virtue that lost vitality,
On the helm of impunity, morals to immorality,
There’s nothing like being guilty, this is the beauty of the society.

I have a tale to tell,
Story of a lost glory,
The glory that became gory,
Tale of a sad story,
Of a community that forgot her nitty-gritty,
The truth that lost integrity,
A lost generation found in frivolity.
It’s a lost course, the newly found blessing,
The peer pressure, it keeps pressing,
Oppression is the new medicine,
This is how depression is learnt like lessons
She is life-threatening, death is so enticing
Obsession! it’s mind exercising,
and revolution is evolution dying…

Artificial damages! Natural disasters,
World figures collide, clash of the Titans,
A world war of a world peace,
The Spartans and Athens of Greece.
The revelation we dream, genesis of a detriment,
Too many miscarriages! Birth of one world government.

I have a story to tell
The bloom in gloom, the heaven in hell,
The prejudice we tell, the incantations we spell,
A mentality of hell, the destruction is felt.
An idiocy we share; the ignorance we sell.

We dream too much that we forget reality,
It’s a crazy world mad over the crumbs of vanity,
This is the world we found we,
We’re lost in the music; now we sing in symphony.

This is the culture we wear,
The way of life fashioned everywhere,
How do we understand this illiteracy?
If we keep educating the legacy,
We’re all guilty of the truth.
Decadence shall continue to bear fruits
if we don’t apprehend its roots…



Ayomide Inufin D’great
IG: @ayomide_dgreat


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