Monday, April 15, 2024
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Inufin Ayomide – GOD, WHEN?


Inufin Ayomide – GOD, WHEN?

They live their dreams while we live in distress,
Of what use is life if Her use is useless?
The difference between time is time difference,
But our inability to reason sequence is the reason we face the consequence.

We see our classmates in high-class,
And our peers hit the spotlight in a flash,
Frequently flashing their lavish lifestyles to our eyes,
Now, oppression is lying in the bed where depression lies.

What can be more killing than this?
Repression is just another dying disease,
When shall we see our days of prosperity?
God, when? Are we to wait till eternity?

We wait on the Lord; we lose weight,
Now, we’re no longer mates of the same class with our classmates,
We’re stuck like a complicated constipation.
God, when? We hunger for success! Bring out a star from our starvation.

Underachieve, under pressure, under duress,
Dressed to kill your dreams but naked triviality is the reality under the dress.
Social Media is only a public nuisance,
A turbulence in a teacup who affluence your influence.

Several prayers are yet unanswered,
Many truth are deadly cancer,
Countless shining bloom with a hidden gloom,
To those who tell the truth, your day cometh, to liars; await your day of doom…

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