Inufin Ayomide – HEART TRICK

Inufin Ayomide – HEART TRICK

So, it came like a wind and blew my mind,
The easy to lose; the hard to find,
A sweet sour that sent subtle seductions to my earlobes,
The fiercely flamy fire that birthed the grey gold.

And gold-diggers digging deceitfully till they found love,
It’s vanity upon vain as the one in love will be dying to be loved,
Fantasy is when you think it’s a match made from above,
But reality is realizing the thought was only made-up.

And she thought the hunger for love will feed her soul,
While a her will make him whole,
And this is how their hearts became a puzzle,
The dancing problem, the shackled shackle.

How can you feature your mind frame in a broken picture?
Once bitten twice struck thrice injured,
At times, romance is the only wise way to entice a foolish feeling,
It’s simple, just show the naked eye the theater act of stripteasing.

Before you believe beware,
There was something you were breathing before you found love in the air.
Learn to decipher lies,
When that true love speak to your eyes.


Inufin Ayomide D’great
[email protected]

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