Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Inufin Ayomide – HI PHONE, HELLO SIRI


Inufin Ayomide – HI PHONE

This golden message I send in silverware,
So that generations coming afterwards will stay aware,
Wary about the weary wane that wallows thereof,
Absolute virtues evaporates absolutely,
alas! Her vapour vrooms off.

Frivolity is vanity,
But this is sanity to humanity,
It’s vainglory, at least the vain is glorious,
Look expensive, look rich, look precious.

Hi Phone,
The salutation that keeps the pauper on a throne,
Hello Siri,
A response that makes the oppressed weary.

Let your pride glow,
Take a selfie and let the mirror project the logo,
The hero in your ego,
Comes out pushing you wherever he goes.

This is the death to die for,
Any new product is a life worth dying for,
Futility is what you hear when a dumb’s bell becomes laudable,
But of what value is he who knows no value for valuables?

Priority, pressure, preference,
Know the pilot that pivot your influence,
The goal justifies the game,
like a slave is glorified in chains,
and a Lion magnified in his majestic mane.

Choose your death wisely,
Live life in her real body,
Let destiny run the human race,
When you run faster than your legs,
You kill the Mouse in the Rat race,
as you leave a Fowl foul in broken eggs…

Inufin Ayomide – HI PHONE

Inufin Ayomide D’great