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Irede Marvelous – Ups & Downs

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Ups & Downs

They say life is full of ups & downs;
that life goes up like a slope
& kisses the earth with a whoosh sound
like “gba-gba-gba-skrii-gbish”.
& that one could end up a victor or a victim.
A hero or a villain, even.

But looking at what I think life is,
it is like Brother Jero,
whose buttock wears a saggy trouser
for fashion sake,
but ends up pulling it at every five step,
walking down the road to the barracks.

& like Sister Ṣadé, whose laps peeps out of her mini skirt,
having her drag it down at every ten step,
walking up the same road to the barracks:

Sister Ṣadé says the skirt is a fitted elastic one
& that’s why it goes up;
Brother Jero says his ‘falling trousers’ do not need belt,
that it’s the trend & he’s comfortable pulling it.

But who knows how arithmetic life could be?
Five steps from Brother Jero,
Ten steps from Sister Ṣadé;
summing up to fifteen — Tijani’s age.

Your food is my poison!
Ups. Downs.

Written by Irede Marvelous is a Nigerian Poet, Writer and Singer who loves good music and the colour blue. Say “Hi” to her on IG @theawesomewrites & Facebook @Irede Marvelous.


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