Joe Budden Talks Summer Walker’s Reaction To Doja Cat Winning All The R&B BBMAs

Joe Budden Talks Summer Walker's Reaction To Doja Cat Winning All The R&B BBMAs

After Summer Walker addressed Doja Cat winning all of the R&B awards at the BBMAs, Joe Budden responds.
During the 2022 Billboard Awards, Doja Cat made waves by snagging all of the R&B category awards – and Summer Walker isn’t happy about it.

There has been a lot of conversation about Doja’s placement in R&B considering how successfully she’s crossed over into pop. Summer Walker took to her socials to give her opinion about Doja’s BBMA awards. Between her and her current boyfriend, Lvrd Pharoh, the two were not thrilled about Doja taking home all of the R&B awards and didn’t hesitate to speak up about it on social media.

Doja Cat
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During The Joe Budden Podcast, Budden responds to Summer’s ill-will about the BBMAs. For both of his co-hosts, Doja should be considered a pop artist, and award shows are the best time to differentiate those genres. Joe admits that it has nothing to do with being qualified but more about who you know.

“Doja’s at the dinners somewhere, with the agency, with the right team, with the right agency, rubbing the right elbows. That’s what’s going on,” he said. “Y’all remember the guy who won the award that he shouldn’t have won and he went up there and tried to give it back. Who was that? Oh, Macklemore.” Macklemore won “Rap Song of The Year” for his single “Thrift Shop” at the Grammys in 2014, when many in the hip-hop community at the time believed the award should have gone to Kendrick Lamar– seemingly even Macklemore himself.

“Summer knows that as well, but I’m with her,” Joe continues. “She has been at the top of her field in R&B, but boy does it suck now that I have to compete with the swiss army knife that is doing R&B and a little more.” Joe emphasized the fact that Summer is frequently found on IG dishing out slander or hyping up gossip (he cited her recent bout with Blac Chyna’s mom), whereas Doja Cat, is not.

The conversation then devolved into the scope of talent in present-day artists and how they are pretty much all genre-fluid, as well as what is considered R&B currently.

Summer Walker has continued to give consistent fan favorites when it comes to the genre, so hopefully she’ll get her time to shine.

Check out the Joe Budden podcast clip below.


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