Ayomide Inufin D’great – Keep Writing and Call It Love


Sometimes it’s a shinny sun, at times it’s a mild moon,
It run up as a beautiful bloom then rundown like a rapid ruin,
At first it happy to express, alas! It sad to say,
It falls like the night and breaks like the day.

Sometimes you fall in love, at times you fall out slowly,
It’s plain you can’t explain, so how do you explain a wiseman’s folly?
That sends pictures to your mind frame,
While the same photography let your brain drain…

You need a support system but the system don’t get you supported,
You feel rejected like a friend request that wasn’t accepted,
What is love when you don’t get likes from the piece you posted?
So how do you keep spirit when you get ghosted?

Melodies of muse will start to decompose,
The feat of depression begins to run through your nose,
Futility then becomes the fruit of creativity
And eventually, you kill the big dream and dump the dead body somewhere in your reality…

Before you find through Inspiration, find truelove,
Make it a divine course like blessings from above,
Be a role model, model your role,
It’s better to be judged by a jury you know than the jury of had I know.

Keep writing and call it love,
You’re breath away from victory,
Keep writing and call it love,
In the end, the world will tell your story in history…


Inufin Ayomide D’great


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