Kenneth Oodee – Animals in Suit


Good nation bad rulers

Rich nation poor beggars
Stole our wealth and peace
Still fighting us with our police
Saving their money abroad
Calling our youths frauds

Freedom of speech
Imprisonment for what we preach
They’ve merged nin
Just to regulate our tweets
Yet no nin
To regulate their loots

Created agencies to regulate the loots
Same agencies covering their loots
Who are they deceiving,
corporate lies, we’re tired of receiving
Face mask are valuable than education
Justice is been imprisoned by corruption

Retired criminals are judges
Clothed in revenge and grudges
Everything we were taught
On the shelves it will rot
School is different from reality
Normalcy is tagged abnormality

We applied for nursing
Came out, working for suffering
Studied psychology
Working for unemployment
Blame the government for the
But how can an illiterate give

Claim to be the right people
And we voted the wrong people
We’ve been deceived
Our joy is been bereaved
They first brought poverty
Restricted our liberty

So we’ll have no option
Dependability becomes an addiction
Selected stories on newscast
Different day, same broadcast.
Fathers, still the future leaders
Causing brothers to kill brothers

They never stop stealing
Yet told us to stop stealing
Government hate competition
Unless they get a commission
Cursed ambition
Pioneers of corruption

Corruption has passed millions
Every project now in billions
Nowhere is safe
Everyone feels like a slave
Security now needs protection
Police begging for ammunition

Judiciary controlled by executive
Ogoni clean up delayed by politics
Giving herds men right to kill
Compensating them still
A nation where animals
Eat money than humans

Election, most planned activity
Years and years of publicity
Lavishing our resources
Minimum wage for apology
Cultures have gone hidden
Truth has been forbidden

Cause our traditional rulers
Has joined corruption builders
The commonness we share
Tends to be the pain we bear
Hate to break it to us
That our rulers are our curse

Giant of Africa
No where compare to Rwanda
We are blessed
The system is messed
Their joy will be their coma
Destruction will be their karma



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