Kenneth Oodee – Chimamanda


It was almost midnight
A lantern was their source of light
Chimamanda carried her six children
from their home, they were leavin’
Running from the foreigners
They came with all weapons
With three old rusty wagon
Dressed in khaki
Wrapped with chains and keys
Wearing heavy boots

Their leader looking like a Groot
The villagers were chained and beaten
In starvation, They were weakened
She ran through the forest
Backing her last child, her dearest
The pain of her people she felt
Then realised her people needed help
she stopped in that conscious remembrance
His somewhere at the village entrance
The invaders where heading back to the boarder

With the villagers chained to another
Their trucks moved slowly
As they were dragged forcefully
Their leader stood in front
Eating in disgust
A calm song was sang by a slave
foreseeing Chimamanda’s move
Other slaves sang along
For her movement to be made strong
She walked like a hunter

like she’s aiming for a monster
By the leader, their song was stopped
On his forehead, a gun was shot
To the third and even the fourth
Some of them flee
For mercy some plead
Their chains were removed
the invaders were subdued
Songs of praises was rendered to her
She was their heroin and their night star

She was made their queen
For their village, she redeemed
Her father’s gun was her only legacy
Her act of her villagers legacy.



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