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kenneth oodee – Critics & Hypocrites

kenneth oodee – Critics & Hypocrites

They are secrets
Not willing to be uncovered
They are treasures
Not willing to be discovered
At noon
Their faces are masked
Under the moon
Their hearts they cast

They want things right
Yet they act wrong
Deal on drugs
Yet they condemn the drunk
Assuming the unforseen
Blinded by the things they’ve never seen
Judging others for a different sin
Gaining confidence in their righteous sin

Hate the rich
Same height they aim to reach
Criticizing love
Dying of loneliness
Recruiting others to hate
Every compliment is a bait
Every gift is revenge
Every defeat, they avenge

Evil saints
Stucked betwixt envy and hate
They stick closer than friends
Create friendship through trends
Wish you well while striving
Hate you more after achieving
Spread you failures
Whisper your success

Unprofessional judges
That is misled by grudges
Popularity through copyright
Sharing others spotlight
Strive on negative criticism
Extreme denial and skepticism
Forgetting our humble beginning
Remembering our great ending

They take credit for others work
Cloud their judgement with guesswork
A little piece of reality
Is better than their collective philosophy
Living in other peoples world
Destroying literary content with their words
The people they’re trying to burn
Obviously, is who they want to become

2ND MARCH, 2021

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