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Kenneth Oodee – National Disaster


The truth is never written in the law
Only don’ts and punishment of the poor
Draining crudes in the south
Killing our youths in the west
Holding leadership from the east
Destroying churches in the north
Nation now a slaughter house
Threatening activists to courthouse
Offering help to nations
Monumental obligation

Foreign socialists
Indigenous crapitalists
Millions of pipes to drain crude
Still no pipes to give water or food
Privatizing our companies
Elevating our expenses
Oil companies destroying properties
Never on papers or commentaries
The fourth branch of government
Feeding us lies on t.v and internet

Political parties having private meetings
Publicly making us feel they’re enemies
Unending meetings with A.S.U.U
Indirectly eradicating education
Paying light bills for darkness
Like building a billboard for blindness
Democracy is free
Yet the price is prison
Police most wanted
Lives on government payroll

Computerized civilians
We are like caged Caucasians
Planting bombs, killing our own
Reducing our siblings at home
Bribing and breaking our backbone
When it’s time to fight,we end up alone
This was the fight of Ken Saro
Prophesies of heroic Fela Kuti
Antagonized by political tyrants
Corruption has turned entertainment

Change was promised
But stagnation is offered
Made us feel our enemies are
Hausa,Igbo and Yoruba,
Christian’s and Muslims
Non indigenes and strangers
Militants and youths
Boko haram and truths
But our true enemies
Are the authorities

That hide themselves in Aso rock,
Foreign lands and government house
Corrupt ministers
Selfish bank managers
Slumbering senators
Wealth sucking predators
They beg for our votes
And when they win
We beg for our food
Help feels like a sin

We shouldn’t be poor
We believed every lies
And that’s our flaw
Devils in disguise
Poverty, an aspect of our culture
Cause of economical vultures
Nation with everything
Citizens with nothing
After much complain,
They introduce acquisition programmes

After one year,
We realized we’re scammed
We lack the simplest things in life
Making simplicity feel like wildlife
Classism over democracy
Capitalism over democracy
Colonialism impregnated greed
A bright darkness was freed
The devil landed on 30th of September
Gave birth to his kids on 1st of October

Opposite of poverty is wrongly wealth
For opposite of poverty is true justice
Our revolutions
Should be to accept our divisions
From culture to ethnicity
Wealth to simplicity
Traditions to religions
Boundaries to regions
Empathy and love
So humanity will revolve

And not inflicted hatred
Allegations of the innocents documented
Status separation
Religious discrimination
Unmerited nepotism
Or even political genocism
For if knowledge is power
Ignorance is slavery
And if unity is strength
Then disunity is defeat


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