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Kenneth Oodee – Our Creation Our Tribulation


Man made the gun
Gun destroyed the man
Man goes forgotten
Gun continues trending

Still man never learns
As his foolishness yearns
To others or to us
We’re either a blessing or curse

Our gain and creations
Becomes our pain and tribulation
No such thing as flying bullet
All depends on his desire or insanity

Dying to die
Ignorant sly
We build to destroy
Intentionally erasing joy

Devil hates happy moments
Humans ruin happy moments
Lost ourselves to lust
Regrets makes it hard to adjust

We feel we’re in control
Until we lost our mind and soul
To anger, rage or aggression,
Then we sobber in depression

Looking for who to blame
Looking for what to blame
Repercussions are inevitable
When our sanity is uncontrollable

Love is taught more than crime
Yet crime is practice above love
Whereby love wasn’t to be taught
But to be shown from birth

It should be a culture
That gears our behaviour
Youths gifted with guns
By political thugs

Youths gone with the gun
A little token made them feel it’s fun
Once taken
Twice received

Selling our souls for self centeredness
Wasted potentials,whether more or less
It doesn’t stop there
Neither are we limited by fear

Under the influence of money or drug
Being possessed, fear or grudge
But one thing is similar
We pulled the trigger

No one would have pulled it
If no one had made it
Man made the gun
So gun destroyed the man

Written by Kenneth Oodee

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