Friday, April 19, 2024
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Kenneth Oodee – The Confused Man



He sat beneath a peach tree
With music to make his heart free
His radio, smaller than a ball size
Pays attention as the frequency rises
Held his mat on his shoulder
And books like a PhD holder
The breeze ignores his sweat
He was soaked by his heavy breath

Touch of his hand, he was cold
Sound of his voice, he was old
Looking around, chewing gum
In search for what will never come
He placed his hands below his chin
Into his pocket and back to his chin
Pressure drops his trouser to sag
With tattered clothes like a rag

The leaves slaps his face
His actions were displaced
Leaned on the tree like his wife
Hoping to see the fruit of his life
His movement was like a river
Unexplainable is his anger
Looks down to the earth to cry
Looks up to the sky for hope

Everything seems vague
His life seems plagued
He was running out of time
As twilight runs into daytime
Birds leaves as bats returns
Stars and moon shines in turns
Crickets, kept him entertained
Water can kept him sustained

His eyelashes, fell in love as it flaps
Mosquitoes stayed away as he claps
He cleared the rusty leaves
To lay down his holy grieves
At a point, he was quite
Measuring the trees height
He laid his mat peacefully
Dropped his properties carefully

The price they thought he’ll pay
Was a place to sleep and stay
Instead he laid for a sacrifice
He’s life was the only price
He was tired of the bad government
That made life a beautiful torment
Nature couldn’t stop him but cry
As he hanged himself on the tree to die