Monday, April 15, 2024
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King Nelson – Missonary is Better


written by King Nelson (D Last Poet)

Doggy will never beat missionary
Even though it seems revolutionary
Because a man on a mission
Will go farther than a dog without a mission.

If a black man with a pink cap
Enters a red compound with a black gate
To deliver yogurt in a moaning state
Who then is this black man with a pink cap?

“Open it, open it wide, a little wider,
I will do it small small and gently”
The is the plea of every single brother
Who does not know the responsibility of being a father.

A man will naturally become a monster
If a cowgirl keeps screaming: harder! faster!
My mouth cannot say all that I daily see
Some of these things are beyond the sea.

Withdrawal method is like a sure bet
With consistent assurance of regret
Every man needs to think twice
Before using his pleasure device.

Do not allow your erection
To give you direction.

Credit: King Nelson
D Last Poet

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