Man shows off pot of soup his girlfriend cooked with N2,500 (Video)


A Nigerian man who gave his partner N2,500 to make stew, got surprised after she prepared a full pot of soup with the money.

The shocked man entered the kitchen to meet a large pot of soup with lots of fishes in it.

In a TikTok video, he revealed he had given his partner N2,500 earlier to make a simple stew for them to eat, only for him to see that she made a pot of sumptuous soup.

The soup also had different types of fishes like Titus and others. He found it hard to believe the soup was made with N2,500 as it seemed unreal.

He went on to ask his lover where she got money to make the soup as he was very sure the N2,500 he gave her was not enough.

“I gave this girl 2,500 to make stew for me but getting to the kitchen I can see different types of fishes like Titus here. Na stew I dey expect oh. Where did she see money to cook this big pot of soup?” he said.


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