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Membis Okorie Chukwukamma – Christmas Flowers


You know it’s heaven or way beyond
when you give me some dirty stunts
with a sip of intoxicating juice from your lips
a mixture of love and affection deep
served in my most insane state of mind
when nothing but your body counts
like stars on parade atop chilled valleys

The vibration, the energy and oxygen
Darling I confess something is missing tonight
I said it’s fine but it’s not okay with me
I want you here and I need you always with me
oh! for your naughtiness my sweet love
I bet you are on the same page with me
so you can bring it on for me, don’t be shy
bounce it slow, ride me soft, yes, I’m on the way
but won’t be gone building future boarders away
until I move into the dark room with you

Touch me wherever you like my lady
However, feel me now let me ease your mind already
whatever, this chemistry was long meant to be
and no matter how far or how long I would be away
I won’t be gone, I would still be right here with you
and when I see you again, be it under the rain
I will kiss and spoil you in the midst
of a thousand crowd ’cause I’m that crazy anyway
regardless, your shyness and nonsense
you are my pretty sweet butterfly every day

I’m the one who wants to suck you till morning
listen to your breath as calmly you’re moaning
I might loose it all for you when you move that way
flow like Nile, you can splash it on me like spring
but don’t forget, I can’t live without your loving
must admit, this is something I can’t keep a secret
I’ve come to love you like I loved nobody
yes, I love you without thinking about it
and I love you still when I’m thinking about you

Come over if you don’t mind my rottenness
it’s cold right here and it’s sex on my mind
had to take some liquor, nothing taste like your lips
you make me high, take me high, far away cloud nine
just come over here, show me you are mine
I wouldn’t hesitate to drink you like red wine
cherries on your nipples, berries all over you
we can mess this bed up, don’t worry, no rules here
just you and I doing whatever Passion says.

© Membis Okorie Chukwukamma


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