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Naira Marley – Koleyewon [Lyrics]

Naira Marley – Koleyewon Lyrics

Oh yes guys, you asked for it, now you have it. Naira Marley – Koleyewon is right here and you can sing along checking out the lyrics below. Enjoy! Don’t forget to tell us your favorite part of the song using the comment box below.


To ba fo o ti fvck up
To ba fuck up o ti shaiye
Ki lo kan aiye
O je oju aye o tun fe jaiye
To ba fuck up pelu street
Shori street won ma fvck e up
Awon girls lo ma set e up
Awon boys lo ma fvck e up

To ba wa won ma wa e
To ba be won ma be e
To ba gba won ma gbe e
To ba ja won ma je e

Fvck , fvck that shit
fvck that shit
Fuck that shit me I like that shit
How many boys don die for the street
How many boys don blow for the street

Koleyewon ( Koleyewon)
Ko to ye won ( ko to ye won)
Koleyewon ( koleyewon)
Ko to ye won ( ko to ye won)

Omode da ogbon kikun
Agba da ogbon si sun
How you no go know?
Aiye mo orun mo
O ma shock e
Ni odun yi o ma shope
Ba n bet e o pada wa bebe

Taleleyi Kileleyi
Taleleyi e e kileleyi
Taleleyi hace koronbe
Taleleyi kileleyi
Taleleyi kileleyi
Taleleyi kileleyi
Taleleyi hace koronbe

Werey d’owo mo
Omoase mo ro pe l’efo
Though shall not fo
To ba fo you’re gonna fall
Sho le kirun ni asalamo
Won ti po to a le sa fun won
To ba wa a le she dun won
To ba wa a ma she fun wo

Koleyewon ( Koleyewon)
Ko to ye won ( ko to ye won)
Koleyewon ( koleyewon)
Ko to ye won ( ko to ye won)

A kin shey mo gbo mo wa
Eyin le fi iwe pe wa
A de won ni eran ti tan
Won so pe omi obe lo ku
Won je s’ori bi ti ede
Eni kan gbe oti wole
Won jeun yo, a moti yo
Shebi gbogbo wa ti yo
Baba re ko le be
Iya re ko le be
Egbon re ko le be
Iwo nikan lo le be
O lon fi iku shere
Bo ya lo ma de le
Ta ba ti wa yin wa le
A tun ma le yin de le

Awon omo
Awon omo ko po ke
Awon omo ko gbo bebe
Ma lo je ki won la ka e mo be
To ba n sukun ma ri ran
Shebi iwo na ma bimo
O she pe fun omo lomo
Eni to de ba la mo
Che bo lo na
Set awon bo lona
Won ni ko koronbe yen na
Ko ma lo fa ra mu ina
Ti ori e ba gba ina
A ma la igi mo e lori
Shebi o so pe o ni werey
E gba ma l’oko werey


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