Hello there esteemed readers, it’s Friday again, the weekend, I call smell it, it’s just so fresh, just as you all know it’s E blogger on your hottest entertainment and lifestyle website naijahotstars.com and I’m just about to get in my session and the first song on my list is titled Obivee – Owo (Money)

Ladies and gentlemen I’d like to tell you a little about this Young fella Obivee, he’s very much talented and experienced, I admire his singing abilities and that’s one intrinsic features he carries along with him.

The title on this song Owo is perfectly blending in with my imagination each time I think about the future, and ever since the song got to us, I had always listen to this music as a guide when I’m Visualizing the future, it helps me to stay focus. At some point I felt like going down on my knees to offer prayer of thanks to God for passing through this Young gifted artiste to present such a wonder song.

Obivee – Owo tells us about the joy of money to do whatever we wish to do, getting your dream home, that dream car ? you desire so much to have, and of course living life to the fullest, don’t forget money too they say is the root of all evil but it also makes the world go round.

without further Ado its about time we listen to this wonderful song titled Obivee – Owo.

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