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Our Mouths Have Become a Graveyard BY Ayomide Inufin D’great X Taofeek Ayeyemi


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i know a thing as deadly as death,
she kills the father figure and
buries him beneath mother earth,
in this place, every voice is voiceless,
freedom is prison and tyranny is flawless,
protest is treason and the law — lawless,
to be free is to be tongue-tied,
we live but die in confines.

to attain the eld in this land,
you have to make your mouth
a desert of words.
for whoever raise his tongue
against the claws unfleshing us
shall throw up a flood of blood,
get his throat stuffed
with bones.

our will died on independence day,
there goes the silent night,
a void of words; the judicial slay,
here comes the dying light,
the wise man said the future is bleak,
hope brews us with bliss,
unjust justice; how easy, how hard,
liberty died — our mouths have become a graveyard…


Ayomide Inufin D’great
Taofeek Ayeyemi (Aswagaawy)

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