Please Help Oke beat Lymphoma & live to see her sons grow

Please Help Oke beat Lymphoma & live to see her sons grow

This darkness cannot steal our smiles… Cancer will not steal our joy…

Please Help Oke beat Lymphoma & live to see her sons grow (3)

THIS IS A VERY URGENT CALL FOR HELP. Help save the life of a loving, kindhearted, young mother. Help save another family from losing a loved one too early. Our doctors have told us that there is now only one way forward with treatment and an urgent stem-cell transplant will provide the best possible hope for recovery from the disease.

Okeoghene Obasi is the most gracious and gentle soul that we have come to know. She is a wife and mother of three young boys.

Please Help Oke beat Lymphoma & live to see her sons grow (1)

Since being diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma about a year and 4 months ago, she has been receiving multiple sessions of chemotherapy and blood products to keep her alive and to push the disease into remission. Sadly, and very unfortunately, there is need for a more advanced approach towards treatment – A treatment that would require her travelling out of Nigeria to India where the procedure and recovery can be done. A treatment too expensive for us to cover alone.

Help Oke beat Lymphoma

Despite the toll the disease has taken on her body and being considerably weaker having lost so much weight, she has remained ever-hopeful and strong in her spirit. Her condition has confined her to very little physical activity and put a halt to her working as a frontline reporter and most of the voluntary work she was passionate about – such as visiting hospitals to help patients; and visiting inmates in prisons to help them see a glimmer of hope, and working with young children in church and the community, helping them connect with faith with such an amazing simplicity!

The cost for this procedure, with travel expenses included, is $70,000. We are reaching out because every amount adds up… No amount is too little. The campaign is to help us foot the bill in order to give her a second chance at life. We appreciate every contribution that is made towards helping us undertake this life saving procedure.

We are also hoping that even if you cannot donate, you can share this message and totally appreciate you for that. Thank you for your generosity, for every prayer, every kind thought and every action you take to help us get through this phase of life. That step that you take can make the difference.

How to support Okeoghene Obasi 

You can send your donations to her GofundMe Account below:


To make direct donations to the family, please use this account
Guaranty Trust Bank Plc
Duke Obasi (Medical Fund for Okeoghene Obasi)

We thank you for your contributions and May God bless you as you play your heroic role to help save a life.


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