Senator Dino Malaye responds to Speed Darlington’s criticism of his exotic cars

Senator Dino Malaye

Politician, Dino Melaye released a statement on Instagram on Sunday, to address recent criticism by Speed Darlington, who called him out for blowing through tons of money on exotic cars while living the rich politician lifestyle.

Recall that about two weeks ago, Speed Darlington reacted to the senator’s post on Instagram of him smiling behind his fleet of expensive cars.

Senator Dino Malaye

Dino has now reacted to the criticism in a post he shared on his Instagram page. He said while homosexuals spend so much money on same sex, occults buy blood for any amount, other people hide money in Switzerland, he loves to use his money for his passion which is to collect automobiles.

He wrote;

Everyone spend his/her money on what he or she likes.My passion is to collect automobiles. Occults can buy blood for any amount, homosexuals spend so much on same sex,some on babalawos,some hide thier money in Switzerland while some bury ego under the ground & some spend on cocaine. All man go do what makes him/her happy. Me am happy i no even know say you dey vex. Kuro lona jare

Senator Dino MELAYE


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