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SLAVED TO THE ERA by Kenneth Oodee


The era will rotten with no remembrance
Love will be remembered with annoyance
Mankind indeed will rule out 21st century
A large demarcation to isolate her boundary
The time is highly successful in failure
Our temper is calmed by anger
We only live for money, power and technology
Neglecting our values and cultural ideology

Too blinded to see the truth
Gone too far to relocate our root
Oversee is where we want to go
Being kind is the wrong thing to do
It doesn’t matter, that’s all we say
Long as we watch Kardashians to slay
Or watch big brother to cheat
Or even watch bobrisky to tweet

A time when love is painful than hate
Being alone brings smiles than a date
Crime, now a full time job
Materialism ruling the globe
Destroying opinions and call it Savage
Yet criticism has never inspired Knowledge
Time will never forget us
Still time will never remember us

We’ve sold our birth right
Abortion is the only right birth
Ignorance is bliss
Reality makes everyone hate Chris
We spend more time wasting time
Buying regrets with our dime
Criticism trends more than love
Endless surgeries to get the perfect curve

Trying to become genetically impossible
When their attitudes are undesirable
The worst keeps trending
Making us feel the world is Ending
No prize yet there are challenges
Striping ourselves for a silhouette Challenge
Carried away by wild Wind
Blowing the normality of our Mind

Letting the clock on the wall
Rush our shadow on the floor
Jealous of others life, we imitate
Thereby losing the faith in our Fate
Time and chance happens
Sadly, we’re blind folded by Illusions
Everything is paradoxical
Not because life is ironical

Or because this time is critical
But because we’re Illogical
Still they defend the century
Forgetting it leads to the cemetery
The future have left us
Cause this time feels like a curse
Freedom will never taste better
Long as we’re slaved to this era


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