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This is how we sing ; song of the street entities – Akinola Amina

This is how we sing ; song of the street entities .

This is our hymn,
Hymn miles away from equilibrium
In the book of sand and stone .

This is how we began our song / from the base of our tabular rasa/ to the cochlea of breath and breathless/Here we are / living in a 60°C geographical area / painted with black and black / here we live / helpless and hunted / decorated with beautiful banquet of pain / our eyes springs from several encounters with Uncle disaster/ our lips are birth after our sister ; earthquake/ the curves on our face caught us looking for loafs and liquor/ tell MAMA about a boy / whose skin is paradoxically designed by scars of becoming/ tell her there’s no home at HOME / tell Diana/ the street hugged us with needles /tell her it taste far beyond palatable / what our eyes saw / tell her we are foe of our own decisions/ tell everyone we found no home in this land / and when we raise our fainting orbit to kiss the sky /like the holy professor in multi colored robe / we read our names spelt In a language we only understand ; A -B – A -D-O-N – E -D / But we ask the creator of creations/ if we could be giving a chance as last chance / and simply feel like a child / perhaps our hymn may find balance like others / Amin!!!!!!!!

Akinola Amina is a budding poet and writer, a student of Lagos State College of Health Technology & a girl child activist & mental-health advocate.

Her works have appeared on The Shallow Tales Review, Al-Miraatul Magazine, Poetry Tuesday Magazine, Loudink Home of Art, Poetry Journal and forthcoming on Writer’s Hub Anthology of Independence.

She is a lover of art and Beautiful things. She enjoys watching the movement of water. Say hello on Twitter @bravewealth51 & @amina_bint_roshiid on IG.


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