Monday, April 15, 2024
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TikTok Launches SoundOn, A New Music Platform That Will Pay 100% Royalties To Artists In The First Year


TikTok is launching a new music platform which will benefit artists.

TikTok is launching SoundOn, a new music distribution platform aimed at “empowering” undiscovered artists by giving them the power to upload their music directly to TikTok and earn 100% of the royalties when their work is used. After the first year, this figure will drop down to 90%.

In addition to collecting their royalties, artists will be able to discuss their discoverability with SoundOn’s A&R department, as well as view various insight and development statistics regarding their audience.

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“New artists and musical creators are a vibrant community within TikTok and SoundOn is designed to support them as they take the first steps in their career,” TikTok’s Head of Music, Ole Obermann, said. “Our SoundOn teams will guide creators on their journey to the big stage and bring the expertise and power of TikTok to life for the artist. We’re incredibly excited about how this will surface and propel new talent and how SoundOn will contribute to an increasingly diverse and growing global music industry.”

SoundOn will also help artists distribute to other platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.

The program has been in beta since fall 2021 and is available now in the U.S., U.K., Brazil, and Indonesia.


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