Transolution Worldwide LLC – A Newly Founded Software Innovative Transportation Company

TRANSOLUTION WORLDWIDE LLC is an innovation born out of an interest for vehicle management and wellness (repairs, diagnosis, and maintenance) following researches and studies over the years, documentations and recreation of data, content development and Strategies, products initiation and servicing, monitoring and it evaluations.

Transolution Worldwide LLC Red Logo
Transolution Worldwide LLC Logo

Transolution Worldwide had built it structure on experiences and quests for improvements, long term learning and development. Not underestimating the growth in the digital world and an investment for innovation and re-invention, with interest in transportation which happens to be an essential part of a day to day human activity and can in no way be exempted in the growth of developed and under-developed countries all over the world.

Transolution Worldwide LLC as a software arm with proven ability to leverage multiple technologies to build interactive and innovative applications: C#, php, JavaScript, React, Python, Entity Framework, SQL, AZURE,Microsoft Server SQL, and MySQL Database just to mention a few.

Transolution Worldwide was founded by Mr Abiodun E. Damilare
Transolution Worldwide was founded by Mr Abiodun E. Damilare

Transolution Worldwide was founded by Mr Abiodun E. Damilare, who is a web developer, content strategist and an entrepreneur who hails from the South West Region of Nigeria, Ondo State and has spent quality time networking, building personal skill and worked with several start up companies in Lagos, Nigeria.

His philosophy of team building and skill optimization has over the years exposed him a great partners and colleagues who have become team mates.


1. Create solutions to widely accepted problems
2. Have a huge customer based platform and create long lasting trust and support relationships
3. Gain a financial freedom platform by acquiring and reinvesting in people
4. Wealth management
5. Restructuring the Technical Industry and revolution
6. Stand the test of time


Our vision as an entity to connect every auto related service and it maintenance for customer satisfaction


To create trust, support and optimism, ensuring a proper service layout in maintenance, and in the actual management for customer satisfaction and expertise orientation


For product management and logistics, improvements in digitalization, possessing a digital skill for technical specifications, web definitions, graphics, drawings, photos, documents and brochures and other form of database management through proper operational procedures and maintenance functionalities.


To Control the Global Transportation Economy and Industry, maximize Profits and Productivity, Job Recreation and Maintenance, Expansion and Reinvestments

Visit http://www.thetransolutions.com/ to get early accessTransolution Worldwide LLC White Logo


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