Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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TUG LIFE – Inufin Ayomide D’great (Poetry)


Inufin Ayomide – TUG LIFE

It is inhuman to be inhuman
but this is life to every human,
Life is not fair neither is she a Black woman.
An antagonist to every protagonist on every stage of life,
A matrimonial trauma you suffer when you marry the wrong wife.

Terrible tussles through thick and thin,
The chronicle of Joseph while realizing the dream,
A gloom that grim before the gleam,
The dream chase, the chase of Her till the death of Him.

The survival of the fittest is he who survives the feat.
Failure is at its deepest is when success suffers defeat;
This death can be conquered if a life can rise back to his feat;
To defeat his defeat and bring his feet back to the feat.

Blue, bloom, beam, brightness;
Grief, grind, growth, greatness;
Struggle, strive, success, sweetness,
A crazy circulatory cycle of life cycling without readiness.

Life is a fight to finish, only in death you find rest,
You’ve to be your superhero and wear the S on your chest,
Let it soar till the Eagle is led out of the nest,
Weary the worst but work out the best…


End: TUG LIFE – Inufin Ayomide D’great (Poetry)

Inufin Ayomide D’great