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What Does It Take to Fulfill a Dream

What Does It Take to Fulfill a Dream


Every person has dreams. So called visual images of desires. They can be associated with material and non-material spheres. Many people think that dreams are unattainable, but this isn’t true. Desires are fulfilled, only for this it will take hard work. If you understand how to realize your dreams, then everything is possible.

Preparatory Stage

For many people, dreams belong to the category of something unrealizable. For example, world peace or non-violence. However, dreams can be quite earthly: a trip to another country, a parachute jump, a performance at the world championship in a particular sport. The main thing is to go to your desires in the right way.


First you need to decide on specific desires. This helps structure thoughts. For example, an abstract dream “to make life better” is difficult to realize. If you concretize it to “I want to earn $20,000 a month and travel 4 times a year” or “I want to get professional in online sports betting and win $1,000″, it becomes easier. The goals are already clear, it’s easier to choose the tools to achieve them, the ways to realize your desires.


Another task is to determine the truth of intentions. It’s important to separate a real dream from a false one. For example, the desire to lose weight hides the desire to please the opposite sex. Only when achieving the goal will appear disappointment. Low weight itself doesn’t contribute to the attraction of a companion. Self-confidence, style, charm – yes.


The danger of false dreams is that it takes strength. After realization there is no euphoria. A person realizes that he has wasted his time for nothing. Disappointment leads to demotivation.

Main Unit

Everyone at least once in his life has thought about how to realize their dreams and desires. Fear prevents us from doing this. Subconsciously, a person seeks stability. Changes are perceived as something frightening. For example, there is a desire to earn more. You will need to improve your qualifications: take a training course, study textbooks on your own, and consult with experts.


A person is afraid to realize the dream, because it will be necessary to change jobs, possibly to communicate with unpleasant people. Many people think that minimum income is more stable: when changing jobs, there is a risk of not getting it or not living up to their expectations, receiving exactly the same money.


There is a methodology for working with fears:

  • Write them on a piece of paper.
  • Visualize each item in your head.
  • Think about how serious the consequences of the fear are.
  • Visualize the worst case scenario.
  • Engage in making fun of the fears.


This is only one technique. There are others. You can try to find the cause of the fear. For example, the judgment of a friend, loss of stability, insecurity. It’s worth working on yourself, then you won’t have to be afraid.

Popular Techniques

Many are familiar with this situation: a new week comes with new plans and the desire to change life. Only days pass – everything remains in the same place. It’s worth choosing the techniques of wish fulfillment. They are aimed at achieving goals.


Don’t take 5-6 techniques. You need one. It should be performed well. Then the wish will come true. An important clarification: there are no unambiguously bad or good techniques. Each has pros and cons.


30 minutes of time will be required. The technique is performed in a secluded, quiet place. It’s similar to meditation. It’s necessary to sit down, relax, and concentrate on the desired goal. Remove yourself from thoughts, noise, household disturbances.


Turn off the lights, turn on relaxation music, light candles, aroma sticks. The atmosphere will help visualize the dream. Say the wish to yourself, then out loud.


Use your imagination. Visualize the wish in detail. For example, if you need a car, think of the make, model, color, tuning. Think about how comfortable it would be to drive it on city streets. Visualize the reaction of your friends.


Add emotion to the technique. Imagine where you will be at the moment of wish fulfillment, what feelings will appear. Think through each step in detail.

Map of Desires

The technique is similar to visualization. You will need an A3 piece of paper, a cork board or cardboard. From magazines cut out pictures symbolizing the dream. They should be pleasant, aesthetic, coinciding with desires. Look for pictures on the Internet and print them out.


In the center of the map of desires place a photo of the owner. Stick pictures around it. Add stickers with inscriptions, for example, “Hannah, a top manager with a $250,000 wage”.


The wish board is hung in a prominent place. Always keep it in front of your eyes. Subconsciously the brain memorizes information. Then it strives to fulfill the tasks.


A simple version of the card: decorating the desktop. Hang the pictures on the racks, stick them on the table top. It takes 4-5 images.


There are two types of techniques: thank-you and prospective. In the first case, a letter is written to a prospective person who has already achieved a cherished goal. For example, increased income by 15 times. The letter should contain detailed information about how life has changed. Include the daily routine, everyday life, pleasant little things.


You should thank the Universe, the world, God for your achievements. The main thing is to be sincere in your feelings. It’s desirable to add descriptions of emotions. The letter is sealed in an envelope, put away.


The second variant of the technique is a letter from the future. It’s written on behalf of a person who has achieved the goal. In the text, indicate the difficulties that have arisen, ways to overcome. The main thing is to make the letter inspiring, making it clear that the difficulties are temporary, surmountable. The message is sealed in an envelope and put away.

Making a Plan

Achieving a wish starts with a strategy. Even if the dream seems unattainable, break it down into steps, and each step into smaller tasks. It may seem like a list of 100 items is doomed to failure, but it’s not. Breaking it down allows you to make sure the goal is achievable.


Be sure to include deadlines. Otherwise, it’s easy to stretch the plan for 10 years. Each stage is limited in time. Try to devote every day to the fulfillment of 1-2 points. If it’s a global goal like study, it’s divided into many blocks. They are divided into two types: study with a teacher, independent study. Each block is divided into small stages.

Do Wish Techniques Work?

Yes, if a person isn’t limited to them. One cannot draw a house and expect it to appear. You can look for money to buy it, try to get a mortgage, start investing. When a person not only wishes but also tries to achieve the goal, then he succeeds.


Techniques help concentrate on the dream. Subconsciously a person will strive to fulfill desires. The universe will begin to create opportunities, for example, to get an additional source of income, to get acquainted with different people.


Don’t despair, get upset because of failures. Life is long, the main thing is to set goals, change them, adjust plans. Then any dream will be achievable.


You shouldn’t forget about the right mood. Positive emotions, careful attitude to yourself can triple your mental strength. In the race for a dream, you cannot forget about rest. Otherwise, the resources will quickly run out.

Why Is There No Strength?

A person performs many duties. They require willpower. Its resources are limited.  Willpower goes to the following moments:

  • Controlling the activity of the psyche.
  • Productivity.
  • Behavioral choice.
  • Concentration.


There are 24 hours in a day. Time passes quickly. A person doesn’t find opportunities to accomplish tasks. A few hacks will help to cope with this.


The first is planning. Start each day by making a list of tasks. Leave important goals for the first half of the day. Writing a book, tutor’s assignments, going to the gym – it’s better to do all this in the morning, when your willpower is full.


The second is to keep calm. Sharp emotions give energy, but deplete the resource. It’s worth giving them up. Fulfilling the deadline on adrenaline helps, but leads to consequences later. Yoga, meditation, and spa will do. Learn to want to support yourself.


Third, don’t strive to do multiple tasks. Divide the work, rest from the load, distribute tasks by priority. Cherished dream should be one. Then its fulfillment will be realized. If you make a list of five major desires, you won’t have enough energy for them.


Fourth is to concentrate on the main goal. On the way to achievement, strength is exhausted. If you remember what it’s all for, it’s easier to endure, get inspired, keep moving. This is where visualization helps again. 

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