Wednesday, April 14, 2021

HOLE STORY – Inufin Ayomide

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Inufin Ayomide – HOLE STORY

Once upon a time,
In a green country without a green hope,
All hope seems lost as her wish wing desire to fly to Europe,
Everyday life is hard; it’s sad to say the unhappy is sad,
Consequently, She left the green country in search of a green card.

While hunting for a Visa,
She took a wrong foot, fell into a wrong hand,
as Julius sent Human Traffic to cease her.

She thought Europe is a bed of Roses,
Thinking every seaway has a part way like the rod of Moses.

The dying desire became the dangling rope,
To pay her slavery debt, she had to sell her body to stay in Europe,
Everybody back home feels overseas oversees a sea of wealth,
Whereas, She’s paying a debt of life to death with her breath.

It took 7 years before She cease to see men’s underwears,
What a life of day frights and nightmares,
But it was too late for karma has sent forth her bliss,
As the countless sex sexually transmitted her disease.

A gony B rings C alamity,
D eath E xalts F atality,
After a few suicide attempt,
She found grace in disgrace; found
a healing hemp out of contempt.

Now, she’s a motivation to her kind,
Depression detonates! But she didn’t let it blow her mind.

Instead, she’s at every talk show filling her hole story with motivation;
Every book of Life has a hole story and every life can fill the hole with a story called motivation…


Inufin Ayomide D’great
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