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Easy Guide and Tips on How To Create A Gmail Account (2021)

How To Create A Gmail Account

Gmail has become the most popular email service over the years, with over a billion users worldwide; it is one of Google’s products. You will be able to successfully create a Gmail account by the end of this article.

Gmail is one of the best email platforms because it offers all users up to 10GB of free storage, with those who need more than that paying as little as $1.99 per month.

1. Visit www.gmail.com

The first step is to go to www.gmail.com or click this link http://accounts.google.com/signup to create a Gmail account.

2. Enter Your First, Last Name, Username And Password

Following your arrival at Google’s account signup page, the next and second steps in creating a Gmail account are to enter your personal information, which includes:

Your first name:
Last name:
Username: which is your future Gmail address, choose unique gmail address or username.

Because there are currently over a billion gmail accounts, if the username or Gmail address of your dreams isn’t available, try something else.

After that, fill in the blanks with the appropriate information.

Then you type your choice password, then validate it by typing it again.

Make sure you pick a powerful password for your Gmail account; don’t use your first name, last name, or username as a password because they aren’t strong or secure enough.

It is suggested that you use a variety of characters, such as numbers, uppercase, lowercase letters, and other available characters.

Now, on the right, click Next, which will take you to the next page.

3. Submit Your Phone Number

You need to submit your personal phone number in the available box, make sure you submit the right number because it will be used to verify your account before you can create a Gmail account successful, it will be also used when you lost your password, your phone number is very important when it comes to Gmail account verification.

Make sure you select your country phone number code or flag from the available countries.

Submit your phone number and click Next, it is at the right below, which will move you to the next page.

Now you need to verify your phone number, Google uses two different methods of verification process, Google allow all users to choose either to receive the verification code through phone call or text message, you can choose any of both phone number verification method, it is recommended to choose call method because you get the verification code faster than text message option, you get verification code through phone call or text message depends on the verification method you select, input the code on the available field and now click Next, it is at the right below, which will move you to the next page.

After your phone number verification, then you need to submit some personal information which include, gender, date of birth and others.

4. Enter Your Date Of Birth

You need to enter your birth day, month and year by selection the right information from the available box.

5. Choose Your Gender

At this point, you need to choose your gender, if you are a man select Male, and a woman should choose Female.

Can keep your gender information, then you can do that by selecting Rather not say option. Now click Next, it is at the right below, which will move you to the next page.

6. Agree With Google ‘s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Now you need to read, review and accept all Google terms of service and privacy policy, make sure you read, these service and privacy policy, and then click to agree, if you are not satisfied with Google’s service and privacy policy, or any other information on the page you can cancel all the process from the beginning to this stage, but if you want to create a Gmail account successfully you need to agree with Google’s service and privacy policy.

7. Now you have create your Gmail account successful.

How To Sign In Your Gmail Account

Now that you have created your gmail account successfully, what next is to login or sign in to your new Gmail account.

There are some simple and easy steps to follow before you can sign in or log in to your Gmail account successfully.

1. Visit www.gmail.com

This URL www.gmail.com will take you to Google account page, thent

2. Type Your Username And Password

You need to type your Google account username, which is your Gmail address and also enter your password, then click login.

Now you have login to your Gmail account successfully.

Gmail account can be used for all Google products and services like YouTube, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google AdSense, Google Trend and more.


Written by Busayo Adejayan


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