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Easy 6 Steps Guide On How To Recover Yahoo Mail Account

How To Recover Yahoo Mail Account

Did you want to recover your old Yahoo mail account?

If yes, then this informative is for you make sure you read to the last word.


Yahoo mail is an email platform that was own by Yahoo, over the past decades Yahoo search engine and other Yahoo product rules the internet and it was used by millions of internet users across the world during this period Yahoo mail is the most used email platform before Google outranked the popular internet company and become less popular but still in business, currently millions of people are still using Yahoo mail across the world, over 225 million users as at 2020.

Once again in this article you will learn how recover and access your Yahoo mail by making use of your backup or recovery email address, and recovery phone number, if you don’t have recovery email address you can make use of your recovery phone number, if you don’t have both recovery email address and recovery phone number you can’t recover your Yahoo mail account.

Below Are The Six Steps On How To Recover Yahoo Mail Account

1. Go to mail.yahoo.com

Visit mail.yahoo.com on your browser or Click this link, immediately you will enter Yahoo mail log in page, then you click Forget Username?, Then you will land on the forget username page on Yahoo mail.

You can also use this https://login.yahoo.com/forgot web address to land on the forget username or password page on Yahoo mail, click HERE also.

2. Enter Your Recovery Email Address

After you have clicked on “Forget Username” then you will land in another page on this page they will ask for three method of recovering your Yahoo email account, the first is your

email address or mobile number
Recovery phone number and
Recovery email address.

Recovery Email Address

This is the most popular method of recovery Yahoo mail account and other email addresses because recovery email will be asked when you are creating the email.

Now the recovery email will be used to recover your Yahoo mail account, all you need to is to provide the recovery email and immediately Yahoo will send a mail to the email address you submit as your recovery email.

Now, locate the massage in your inbox or spam folder, then click on it, then use the verification code on the message body to verify your Yahoo mail account, now your Yahoo mail account has been recovered and then create new Yahoo mail password.

Recovery Using Phone Number

Yahoo allow you to recover your Yahoo mail account through phone number, all you need to do is to submit your recovery phone number. Yahoo will let you to enter some missing digit of your registered phone number, they will send an message with a verification code to the phone number, immediately after receiving the verification code enter it, and click Continue. Now you will proceed to another page where you will recover your account and create a new password for your Yahoo mail account.

Recovery using Yahoo mail account through Secret Questions

You can recover your Yahoo mail account through secret question, if you don’t have access on your phone and email address, with this method you can recover your password immediately after entering the right answer to all the asked security questions, if you provide wrong answer you won’t be able to recover your Yahoo mail account.

If you answer all the questions correctly, you will be have access your Yahoo mail account and you will be allowed to create a new password.

You need to provide one of these three information, if you have any of the following then you will not be able to recover your Yahoo mail account.

If you have any of the following requirements, enter it in the available field then, you proceed to the next step of recovering your Yahoo email account.

3. Review Your Backup Email Address

Now you need to Yahoo will review the your information, which is the backup or recovery email or phone number that you submit.

Your recovery email address or phone number will be partially displayed, at this moment. If you have access to recovery email address or phone number, then click Yes, Send me a verification code. If don’t have access to the recovery email address or phone number then, Click I don’t have access, any it will display another option that you can use to recover your Yahoo email account.

4. Verification Code

Now after clicking Yes, Send me a verification code, if you use phone number the verification code will be sent as text message, but if you use an email address as recovery method then you have to check the inbox folder on the email address.

If you don’t see any message from Yahoo in your recovery email inbox, you can check your Spam folder.

Find the verification code message from Yahoo on your recovery email address, immediately after you have locate the message, open the message, now you see the short code and other link in the message body.

If you make use of phone number as your Yahoo mail address recovery, you will receive a message from Yahoo which contains the verification code, you need to enter the short code and then click Continue.

5. Enter The Verification Code

Now enter the verification code you got from Yahoo through text message if you use phone number, and the verification code that was sent to your recovery email if you email, then click Continue.

Now your Yahoo mail account as been recovered, because you have forget your old Yahoo mail password, they will ask you to create new password immediately.

6. Create New Password

Now click on “Create New Password” now you can create a new password, make sure you use the lower and upper letter and other characters, so that your password will be strong enough to secure your Yahoo mail account.

Enter your new password and confirm it, now you can log in with your Yahoo mail account with your new password.

Now I’m very sure you will be able to use this informative article to recover your old Yahoo mail account then few minutes.

Written by – Busayo Adejayan

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