Inufin Ayomide – Ajegbodo (The Doomed)


(The Doomed)

A delicacy for destruction is easy to dispense,

And a resource for revenge is hardly an expense,

It doesn’t break the broken to break you,

For his goodwill is see you break bad on your path to breakthrough.

The deadlock is dying for you to get-in,

What more? A candle will only pray you keep waxing,

Bada bing bada boom!

The gloom is only a guiding light to doom.

This soul just need a soulmate

A partner in crime, a frailed inmate,

Somebody to pay the consolation price,

A core curse, a blessing in this guise.

He’s this guide that’ll lead you to follow lies,

The clarity that falsity buys,

It is ill how ill the ill brings ills to the hale in abyss,

This deadly disease will only make you a decease.

He is a dead-end whose ecstasy is to end a sailing voyage,

To make you dead wrong till you have a rite of passage,

Flee far from him

for he want you to be like him…

Ajegbodo*: (Yourba Language) the doomed who want others to be doomed… 



Ayomide Inufin D’great

[email protected]


IG: @ayomide_dgreat

Inufin Ayomide - Ajegbodo

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Yeye blogger
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