This was my favorite lyrics till I met you and all  changed

I was a player and sweet boy who had the flex of the game before you appeared

Everything changed the moment you came into the picture

Your beautiful skin tone is a reason to adore God as the finest artist

I couldn’t take my eyes off you coz you were too stunning to look away from

I tried not to notice the hips as it swayed in the dazzling gown you wore on that day but my heart betrayed my mind as I  got lost admiring the work of art God made

Of course I had seen fine girls who had alluring body shape before, so I felt it was one of the games

I consoled myself beauty wasn’t enough to trap my heart, then you showed you had both the beauty and the brain

Your intelligence and conceptual analytical skill blows my mind all day

How can I notice you have the biggest smile I have seen and your cuddle is the best burden lifter I could ever get

Everyday when I think of you, it makes me smile and gives my life a redefined  meaning

My sunshine who gives me peace of mind ,i checked and saw your love is true,

I can`t just wrap my head around loving another, you look like perfection and I am sure you are the one the supreme one tailored specially for me.

Just like fireboy said, “like the rain from the sky, I don fall for you”

I also wonder how you have brought the mighty Yoruba demon to his feet

I was all high and in love with myself and didn’t know I needed you

Until you stepped in effortlessly holding my gaze to that which you extended in its purest form.

Your presence showed me how much vacuum I have in my life and you filled without a loophole

I now believe in angels because I have one walking me through life for and I can`t thank you enough for making me whole

The fun! The feeling!! The peace!!! The bond!!!! The love!!!!!



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