Friday, April 19, 2024
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“YORUBA men are evil”

That was my resolution till I met you

I have only been fooled and played but you showed me Genuity and a level of love i didn’t know existed

From Wale to Ola to Femi, I have had turns of breakfast and stories ,I felt to try a different tribe but Emmanuel also showed me an ibo guy could be a demon too

I have heard stories of the evil nature of men and I had always prayed for the right prince, but I kept on meeting frogs

And that was the deal breaker, I have had enough tears and heartbreak ,all I wanted was just to love and be loved but all I got was to be hurt, so I decided I was done with love

I would rather be an AGOJIE than be in love

I loved your physical appearance from the first day I met you, but I quickly remembered how I spent night crying on my pillow.

I avoided you as much as I could but you were too resilient and broke my wall of insecurities

You took me from the shallow of fear and reinstalled my confidence

You held my hands and led me out of darkness to the light that love brings

Of course I never had to sing again “SOSO take my pain away”

I had a balm in you to ease all my pain

I was scared of my past but you held me close and erased my memories

Your presence is enough to  lit my mood   and your absence is a reminder of how much I don’t want to lose you

I can`t forget the tight hug with your forehead kisses  and the other things you do with your tongue

You showed me love  spelt out in words, actions and even to your unspoken but intentional thoughts

I can`t find a valid explanation for the gift of you, so  I will guess I was a heroine in my past line

Thanks for  always listening to my rant and helping me through my baseless worries.

You are God`s special package to me and I am always grateful for the light of love

I love you