Membis Okorie Chukwukamma – Space and Peace

Membis Okorie Chukwukamma - Space and Peace
Membis Okorie Chukwukamma - Space and Peace


I had to run alot of races
To be where I am now
Had to go to a lot of places
Searching for my peace of mind
I did see alot of faces
It was yours that made me whole
But if you try to ruin my peace
I would be running to never come back

I had to put alot of work in
To be the man that I am now
Never gave up on my dreams, no
Even nights I had to sleep awake
Counting time on empty stomach
Wondering what tomorrow holds
I rather lose you than lose my senses
I care about myself enough
Learnt to love me the hard way
So I’ve got my best friend in me

I had to sacrifice for alot of faces
They don’t even know me anymore
Now, I come first in my decisions
Life has thought me tough lessons
Don’t say you ever really loved me
If my peace means nothing to you
I can go on and on for like forever
I swear I know how to make me smile

I love to go to ocean for some calmness
It isn’t quiet there but it’s close enough
For every time that I call you my lady
A million others could be the same
So don’t take my kindness for granted
My energy and time can’t be wasted

© Gurld
Officially Dedicated to Franklin Nnaemeka Nnanna

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